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February 28, 2019

Escher in a new era

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It’s finally time to look up the road and start getting excited about riding the bike again. Whether you’ve spent the last months swaddled in layers and elbow deep in Juice Lubes or tucked in your spare room with the turbo trainer generating enough watts to power a village, the winter is hard miles. But as the days get longer and the sun remembers how to shine we’d like to share a preview of what you have to look forward to from Chapeau! this year.

Long time readers to The Breakaway will know that our design team are meticulous in their preparations for new seasons’ collections. As passionate cyclists our primary aim is always to create kit that looks and feels good on the bike, with tailoring and styling that maximises comfort on the bike. A background in fashion design and a desire to create something truly new means that inspiration for each year’s collection comes from sources far and wide.

I don't grow up, in me is the small child of my early days
M.C. Escher

Some people call me Maurits

You may not realise it, but you probably know the work of Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. Not because his more commonly used abbreviation makes him sound like a member of the Beastie Boys but because M.C. Escher’s explorations of impossible objects, symmetry and tessellated patterns have become as well known as the work of any Dutch Master. The impossible Waterfall and baffling stairs of Relativity have had heads scratching for some time.

The Chapeau! design team has taken the spirit of the great Dutchman’s creativity to add colour, pattern and texture to the 2019 collections. Drawing on the muted, earthy tones of Escher’s woodcut and lithographs we have broadened the colour palette for this year with indigo, orange and blue hues complementing the core Chapeau! colours. From bold tessellations to subtle textures we’re sure you’re going to love the impossibly desirable new range.

Not just more, Moorish

Moorish tessellations fascinated Escher, provoking him to explore repeated patterns and in turn inspiring us to create bold geometric designs for the new Club Pro Jerseys and Mesh Base Layers. You’ll find more subtle renditions of pattern across other jerseys, such as our rider tribute jerseys and the Women’s Club Stripe.

Oranges from Seville and Greens from Haldon

Our core colours are back again this year with the popular Aubergine, Haldon and Devon Red appearing on the chest stripe and logo ranges in Club and Tempo cut for men and Madeleine and Club cut for women.

New for this year you will find Patter, Aubergine, Storm Grey and Aqua amongst an exciting new palette. We’ve also expanded the pared back elegance of our Étape range with two new colours, so you can be the peacock of the group ride in Devon Red or Carbon Grey.

Holding out for an aero

We’re proud to bring you an entirely new jersey for 2019, the Men’s Club Pro features aero sleeves for an even faster version of the popular Club jersey.

Following the success of our rider tribute jersey’s last year, we bring you three more capsule collections. Paying homage to a groundbreaking star of the track, a true king of the mountains and a legend of Milan – San Remo.

Match on point

Whichever new jersey you decide to add to your collection you can be sure we’ve got you covered for matching accessories. With caps, socks and base layers to complement every jersey you can be the peacock of the group ride.

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