Chapeau!, Original Chamois Cream, Tube, 200ml


Chapeau!, Original Chamois Cream, Tube, 200ml

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Original Chamois Cream

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"There’s loads of chamois creams on the market, but we really like Chapeau!’s offering. It’s well-priced and doesn’t smell offensive. The 200ml tube lasts ages and makes it easy to apply."

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Quite simply if you don't use a chamois cream when riding for any distance over an hour then you are missing out! Whether riding your road bike or mountain bike the increase in comfort from using our Chapeau! Chamois Creams can not be overstated - is there such a thing as being too comfortable on a bike? We don't think so. When you are comfy, you can concentrate more on improving your technique,speed and performance or just on enjoying your ride and your surroundings. Whatever reason you had for throwing a leg over the top tube in the first place, your backside will thank you for using Chapeau Chamois Cream if its planted on the saddle for any length of time!

Our Original flavour cream has a fresh fragrance and a slightly thicker consistency than the Menthol version. Apply directly to the area of the buttocks and perineum and also directly to the chamois pad in the contact areas. The cream works by forming a long lasting, anti-friction barrier between skin and pad which prevents bacterial build and keeps you comfortable.It should be used before going out for a ride, but can also be used post-ride to help sooth and heal any discomfort.

The Menthol Chamois Cream as the name suggests is lightly mentholated for an extra cooling and soothing affect. It is not to everyone's liking as it can be thought to be a bit too tingly, but those that do like it, swear by it!

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