Club 3 Season Glove

Club 3 Season Glove

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Why we made this:

A true all-rounder that’ll perform in all but the warmest of weather.

The Chapeau! Club 3 Season Glove is a thermal year-rounder that transforms into a windproof and waterproof mitt. They’ll keep you warm, dry and out riding when the weather turns without warning.

The 3 Seasons is built to be sturdy, without being bulky. It's tough enough for the worst conditions, but lightweight enough that they won't get in the way. 

Product Details

The Chapeau! Club 3 Season Glove combines two gloves into one to tackle anything but the best of weathers. We’ve found that it works best down to a chilly -2°C and up to anywhere in the mid-teens.

We started by creating a lightweight, thermal glove that’s quick-drying and moisture-wicking. We made the palms grippy for maximum control in the slippiest conditions and added a deep, comfortable cuff that’ll fit over your sleeves. We made sure it wasn’t bulky to retain great feeling on your bars and keep plenty of dexterity when grabbing a few coins for a coffee. We also made the finger-tips touchscreen-friendly, because of course, Strava isn’t just for the summer.

With all that in place, we added a fold-out cover that’s water-resistant and windproof. When the weather turns truly despicable, the cover whips out for an added level of comfort.

The Chapeau! 3 Seasons Glove is the perfect companion for all but the very best or very worst of weathers.

Moisture wicking
Size Guide
Measurement Small Medium Large
LENGTH OF GLOVE (CUFF EDGE TO MIDDLE FINGER) 23.509.25 24.509.64 25.5010.03
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