Club Jersey, Stelvio Pass, Grey


Club Jersey, Stelvio Pass, Grey


Stelvio Pass is one of cycling's most revered ascents, a climb that every serious cyclist dreams of tackling. Rising to a daunting 2,757 metres, this giant of the Italian Alps features 48 serpentine turns and a relentless average gradient of 7.4% over 24.3 kilometres. The Stelvio Pass isn't just a climb; it's a journey through history, with stunning vistas and a sense of achievement that few other routes can offer.

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This Stelvio Pass jersey embodies the grandeur and challenge of the climb through its design. The elegant grey geometric pattern mirrors the precise switchbacks that define the Stelvio, each line representing a curve that challenges your resolve and tests your climbing prowess. The muted tones evoke the rugged beauty and often misty conditions of the high Alps, where the Stelvio reigns supreme. Complete with a sleeve graphic hinting at the colours of Italy's flag, the graphic subtly incorporates green, white, and red, creating a symbol of the climb and a nod to its national pride.

Wearing this jersey, you'll carry a piece of the Stelvio's spirit with you. It's a tribute to the countless riders who have conquered its slopes, feeling the burn in their legs and the exhilaration in their hearts. Whether you're ascending your local climbs or dreaming of the Alps, the Stelvio Pass jersey will inspire you to ride with the determination and fortitude that this legendary climb demands.

Moisture wicking
UV protection
Quick Drying
Size Guide
SIZE Chest size chest (A) Centre Front (B)
Small (S) 36 - 38 inches91.44 - 96.52 18.3046.50 20.0751.00
Medium (M) 38 - 41 inches96.52 - 104.14 19.4849.50 20.8653.00
Large (L) 41 - 43 inches104.14 - 109.22 20.5752.25 21.6555.00
Extra Large (XL) 43 - 46 inches109.22 - 116.84 21.6555.00 22.4457.00
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 46 inches +116.85 23.2259.00 22.6357.50
Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL) 49 - 52 inches116.84 - 124.46 24.6062.50 22.8358.00

 Chest A and Centre Front B are Garment dimensions when measured laid flat.

We advise you to compare these flat measurements to a comparable garment (do not compare a jacket to a base layer for example) that you already own and like the fit of to help you work out which size to order from us. However, please remember this is a guide only - 2 garments with same flat dimensions but made of fabrics of different stretch will fit you very differently. If you'd rather buy 2 sizes and send the one back that doesn't fit, this is fine by us!


This is James, he is wearing a Medium Men's Club Jersey, Medium Club Bibshorts and our tall lightweight socks.

Height 5feet 11.5inches tall or 181cm
Weight 77kg
Waist size 32"
Chest size 39"
Inside leg 32"
Gloves Extra large
Shoes Size 10

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