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May 31, 2024

The Sacred Climbs PT.2

  • Hardknott Pass
  • Stelvio Pass
  • Alpe d'Huez

Building on the previous success of our last inspired jerseys these new additions now complete our latest Sacred Climbs capsule collection. Each piece in this collection is designed to celebrate the legendary ascents that have captivated cyclists.

Inspired by three of the world's most iconic cycling climbs. Each of our new Club Jerseys takes elements from Hardknott Pass, Stelvio Pass and the Alpe d'Huez, creating a unique design that celebrates the history and beauty of these climbs.


Hardknott Pass

Nestled in the rugged terrain of the Lake District, Hardknott Pass stands as a testament to the grit and determination of cyclists daring to conquer its slopes. Unlike its more renowned counterparts in the Alps or Pyrenees, Hardknott Pass might not boast staggering statistics on paper, with a mere elevation gain of 338 meters over 2.3 kilometres. But don't be fooled by its modest figures; this pass is not for the faint of heart. With its relentless gradients reaching a punishing 33%, it demands respect from even the most seasoned riders.

As you approach Hardknott Pass, you'll already have tackled the challenging ascents of neighbouring hills, ensuring your legs are primed and your determination unwavering. The rugged beauty of the Lake District envelops you, adding an extra layer of awe to this formidable climb.

Just like the legendary Col Du Galibier, Hardknott Pass requires you to earn every meter of elevation gain. Its unforgiving slopes twist and turn with the unpredictability of a serpent, testing you with each switchback. This is reflected in the tonal interlocking pattern of the jersey, with its lush green colour resembling that of the surrounding valleys. Complete with sleeve graphic emulating the climb between the iconic peaks.

With gradients that seem to defy physics, reaching up to a jaw-dropping 33%, this pass truly earns its place among cycling's sacred climbs.

Hardnott Pass


Stelvio Pass

Stelvio Pass is one of cycling's most revered ascents, a climb that every serious cyclist dreams of tackling. Rising to a daunting 2,757 metres, this giant of the Italian Alps features 48 serpentine turns and a relentless average gradient of 7.4% over 24.3 kilometres. The Stelvio Pass isn't just a climb; it's a journey through history, with stunning vistas and a sense of achievement that few other routes can offer.

This Stelvio Pass jersey embodies the grandeur and challenge of the climb through its design. The elegant grey geometric pattern mirrors the precise switchbacks that define the Stelvio, each line representing a curve that challenges your resolve and tests your climbing prowess. The muted tones evoke the rugged beauty and often misty conditions of the high Alps, where the Stelvio reigns supreme. Complete with a sleeve graphic hinting at the colours of Italy's flag, the graphic subtly incorporates green, white, and red, creating a symbol of the climb and a nod to its national pride.

Wearing this jersey, you'll carry a piece of the Stelvio's spirit with you. It's a tribute to the countless riders who have conquered its slopes, feeling the burn in their legs and the exhilaration in their hearts. Whether you're ascending your local climbs or dreaming of the Alps, the Stelvio Pass jersey will inspire you to ride with the determination and fortitude that this legendary climb demands.

Stelvio Pass


Alpe d'Huez

Few climbs in the world are as iconic as Alpe d'Huez. Featured frequently in the Tour de France since 1952, this legendary ascent has seen countless battles and heroic efforts. With its 21 hairpin bends, each named after a past stage winner, and an elevation gain of 1,071 meters over 13.8 kilometers, Alpe d'Huez is a climb that every cyclist dreams of conquering.

The Alpe d'Huez jersey captures the essence of this iconic climb through its striking design. The intricate geometric pattern in vivid royal blue and light blue echoes the serpentine switchbacks of the ascent, each line and angle reminiscent of the climb's relentless twists and turns. The bold, clean lines symbolize the precision and determination required to navigate the famous bends, while the blue mirrors the clear skies often seen above the mountain's majestic heights.

This jersey is not just a piece of cycling apparel; it's a tribute to one of the sport's greatest challenges. Wearing it, you'll feel the spirit of Alpe d'Huez, the echoes of past champions, and the thrill of pushing your limits on one of the most revered climbs in cycling history. Whether you're tackling your local hills or dreaming of the French Alps, this jersey will inspire you to ride with the heart and courage of a true climber.

Alpe d'Huez


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